a song still inside (2013)
  • the ningyo (2018, writer): a reformed hunter lands the gig of a lifetime.
  • a song still inside (2013, writer & director): evolving gender roles in the nuclear family.
  • thokozani (2010, writer & director): a love story from malawi.


command and control (test footage)
  • mayday: may 2020 in eighteen countries.
  • command and control: androgyny with a side of murder.
  • untie your knots: an intimate morality tale with a superhero twist.


carolyn teaches alain delon the twist as luchino visconti & claudia cardinale watch. (palermo, 1962)
  • waterfalls (with carolyn pfeiffer, 2021) is an epic journey through the neorealism of fellini’s rome, the french new wave of truffaut’s paris, and the swinging london of the beatles.
  • so much and with all my heart : revisiting the ‘white person in africa’ memoir.