I was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa where my family have been missionaries since 1907. After finishing high school in equatorial Kenya, I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they have snow, and ice, and subzero temperatures. The culture shock knocked me flat and I spent much of my college years befriending the leopard sharks across town at the east side pet shop. That’s not entirely true; I did manage to do an internship in the office of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold in Washington, DC. And I managed to get a National Security Counsel scholarship to study Portuguese in Brazil for a year.

Since finding my way to the arts, I’ve written numerous screenplays, directed two feature films, and am finishing up a creative nonfiction book. I’ve worked at production companies & film nonprofits and I’ve  taught screenwriting & producing at the university level. I spend my days administering filmmaker programs and I spend the rest of my time nurturing writing & film projects—some my own, some not. Need help getting your project going? Contact me here.

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