• the ningyo (2018, writer): a reformed hunter lands the gig of a lifetime.
  • a song still inside (2013, writer & director): evolving gender roles in the nuclear family.
  • thokozani (2010, writer & director): a love story from malawi.


  • all god’s creatures: good intentions, gruesome outcomes.
  • command and control: androgyny with a side of murder.
  • untie your knots: this superhero is over it.


  • waterfalls: becoming a woman in 1960s europe.

My current project: Waterfalls is the aching and inspiring true story of a young American who buys a one-way ticket to Europe in 1959 and who chances into work as secretary to Claudia Cardinale, to Alain Delon, and to Omar Sharif before setting up a PR company in London where her clients include Francois Truffaut, Robert Altman, and the almighty Beatles. From the sets of Fellini’s 8 ½ and Visconti’s The Leopard to those of The Pink Panther and Doctor Zhivago, Waterfalls takes readers through the Rome of La Dolce Vita, through the Paris of the French New Wave, and into the beating heart of swinging London; in so doing, it tells the story of a generation coming of age—and of a girl becoming a woman.