the good news is that an event took place in My Struggle. that was close. for a while it seemed as if no events were going to take place. now we are into well trodden territory but with some satisfying insights. for example that the modern world has sapped the great superstructures of our civilization (religion, science, art, etc) of their mystery. whereas we used to look at these superstructures and see fingers pointing to things beyond beyond them and beyond humanness—which we would then endeavor to understand—the great superstructures have now become the entire pursuit. in other words, we look at art and religion and science and we forget that they are not the point; we forget that their only purpose is to point to something beyond. the author makes this point in order to underscore his bigger point: that today it is only death that deals in beyond.

meantime, i have made a resolvation (this is when you make a reservation to enact a resolution (my daughter went through a phase of combining words, is how that happened)) to ship. ship is when you show your work instead of speaking abstractly about it. ship is when you forsake perfection and you embrace done-ness. ship is the willingness to endure evaluation, accountability, and disappointment. so i’ve resolvated (need to check with my daughter on the conjugation) to ship. in good faith, here is a panel from a comic i have been working on about Rex, who i don’t like and who doesn’t like me.